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A full day yesterday leads to a day of rest. I worked for the first time since my knee replacement, it was a good day, but tiring, Then I had a meeting until 9pm. All of this good and I feel I was ready, but it was tiring. I will rest today. Although I have […]

Food for Thought

This is something I must believe….

Disapating the Feelings

Sometimes there is no where to take the feeling that overwhelm me. I am learning from my therapist that one must have something to do with them, and there are good ways and bad ways to do it. My best tool is sharing with others. I like to take the thoughts that whirl in my […]


I am totally feeling housebound. Sitting here in recovery and no contact with those I am use to talking to. I did not feel this restless with my last knee surgery. I was so ready for a break at that time, so happy to be home and just free to hang out. I spent my […]

A Change of Theme

I changed my blog theme. I found as I look around  at other sites, those that are too busy seem totally unreadable. But beyond that, I saw a simplicity in the themes that had less going on, a kind of flow that leads your eyes down the page wanting to read more. I find this […]

Another Day

Recovering from surgery is a process that I am familiar with, but tired of. This is the last operation, I hope,  for a while. It becomes draining to sit and be unable to participate as I wish to.  I am lucky I guess, I have people to look out for me, friends that visit, but […]


Today was a therapy day. An hour in a day that can be used to get honest and tell what is true and necessary, or to try to hide and pretend all is as it should be. I began the process of becoming honest. It is a difficult process. One of the hardest parts in […]

Things are Never as They Seem

I once heard a woman in a group I attend speaking about going to an event while in the midst of a fight with her husband. She felt as thought the whole room was filled with happy couples enjoying their night out,  while she was just pretending. Pretending to be happy, pretending to want to […]


Wanting is a relative term. The desire to have all that it would take to make a life whole. Sometimes it is enough to just be still. To be in the moment of time where there is just being. Breathing in and out, taking in the now. My now is filled with uncertainty, with a […]