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I finished reading the book I have been working on last night when I should have been sleeping. I laid in bed and sobbed. As I sat up to dry my tears I awoke My husband, he was wondering what was up. I said oh you know me, just crying over the ending of another […]


Well so far being 51 has its upside. I have had so many nice birthday wishes! Had people stop in just to say hello at work, and my best girlfriend popped in too. It was great, I even got a lovely little tiny cake. I love miniatures. 🙂 Then off to dinner with two other […]


Well tomorrow I am officially one year deeper into my 50’s. Do not know yet how I feel about that, but am glad I have recovered some of my health. That makes the birthday not feel too bad. More like an accomplishment. I went to an appointment earlier and had to wait over an hour. […]

**REVIEW** ~ Sick Day, by Morgan Parker

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Soul Searching Contemporary Romance Book Blurb Hope and Cameron made a five-year promise before college. Years pass and they never see each other again. But then one month before his planned wedding to Riley, Cameron looks outside and sees Hope in the pouring rain, watching him. Now, three years later, Cam…

Rainy Day

Have you ever had one of those days that you feel as grey as the weather. That all you want to do is complain, but there is no one to tell. The things you want to go on and on about are not something you get to share with them. So I guess I will […]

God IS Greater

Wow, things keep moving along. I graduated today from my physical therapy. My knee is doing great! Healing and bending like a champ, I think I may be stable for a time. I hope and pray this is the case and I am feeling less fearful about the positive things I am feeling in my […]

Doing too well?

I was just texting my mom earlier today. We have limited contact and are trying to open up the lines of communication and amazingly this is working. She sent me a perfectly innocent comment, “Hope you are having a good day”. As I wrote back that I was feeling amazingly good lately, I realized that […]


No on told me being a parent would be like this. No one told me the choices they make can make you ache inside as if it is happening to you. No one told me that when they fall down, when they pretend it does not hurt, the pain you feel is excruciating. My heart […]


The sadness that sits on me will be there for now. It is my friend. It is my companion. I will embrace it, feel it and then let it settle. I know it is just a thing, a part of life, I will not avoid it or ignore it. I am strong and it will […]


Some days are harder than others. The days when I forget my boundaries, or when people do not act as kindly as I would like. Those are the days I would certainly like to live without, but how realistic is that? The challenge is to respond in a way that is healthy and makes me […]