Some days are harder than others. The days when I forget my boundaries, or when people do not act as kindly as I would like. Those are the days I would certainly like to live without, but how realistic is that? The challenge is to respond in a way that is healthy and makes me realize that somewhere inside of me there is growth  and hope for more  and a belief that I can ask for what I need. That place is often hidden so deep that I have to sit with myself and just wait for the realization to come to me that I am only worth what I expect. What I feel I deserve is so often what I get. If I am open to mistreatment and judgement because I do not believe the best of myself, no wonder all the voices that are unkind hurt so much. I believe they are right!

I’m going to spend more time listening to voices that speak life, that shout for more. They are quiet at first, but if I begin to listen they grow and become the words that drown out all of the others that hurt and destroy. I am sitting in the midst of the shouting, listening for the whispers….

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