Rainy Day

Have you ever had one of those days that you feel as grey as the weather. That all you want to do is complain, but there is no one to tell. The things you want to go on and on about are not something you get to share with them. So I guess I will unload it here…

I hate it when people comment on how you look to the point of telling you what to do!! It is so irritating. I am losing some weight. Finally, after years of struggle with an illness. I am feeling more like the old self I knew for so long. Well out of the blue people will just comment on my appearance. “Oh your looking so good… But you aren’t going to lose any more weight are you? I think you are thin enough” or “Oh no… you do not need to lose anymore weight. You will be too thin then.” Where were those people when I was putting on the many pounds plaguing me for so long. No one told me “Oh my, you are getting quite large, ya going to do anything about it?” I so often want to just want to say to them “Who the hell asked you? How do you know what I am comfortable with inside of my own body?” I am just amazed at the unsolicited advice.

There are also those people I have to deal with that think they know what is going on in some particular situation, but really have NO idea what the whole story is. I often have the back story, but am not allowed to share it. It KILLS me. I want to explain, get them join my team. Of course my team has all the answers, right?

Amazingly I went to a service tonight at church, and it brought me around. It is good to let go give it all to the One who REALLY is in charge. I just hope he will give me patience with all the dumb asses that think they know how much I should weigh.

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