Well tomorrow I am officially one year deeper into my 50’s. Do not know yet how I feel about that, but am glad I have recovered some of my health. That makes the birthday not feel too bad. More like an accomplishment.

I went to an appointment earlier and had to wait over an hour. Sat with my phone and read the novel I am working on. A love story filled with angst, not a lot of sex, bummer, and a just out of reach true love, I have no idea where this one is going, but it is certainly holds my interest. Soul mates seem to be the theme for many of my reads lately. It is a concept that escapes most or fills them with doubt, but I am a believer. I think that is why these type of stories capture me. Ahhh such a romantic.

I am also only 9 pounds from my goal weight. Starting to eat a bit more as I am in no big rush, and it is the season of birthdays and celebrations. I want to keep the good habits I have been implementing in my diet though. More of the fruit and veggies and less of the quick go to snacks that are just empty fillers. It is a lifestyle and not one to be lived perfectly, just another aspect of living healthier. I do love ice cream though, lol.

I hope to sleep better than last night. Lots going on and so many thoughts spinning through my head at 4am. I almost got up to just get ready for work. I probably should have, but finally fell back to sleep. Sometimes slowing down my thoughts is a task.

Off to bed, waking up to another day, another birthday. Here’s to the beginning of a big year, filled with all the things that make life worth living.


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