I finished reading the book I have been working on last night when I should have been sleeping. I laid in bed and sobbed. As I sat up to dry my tears I awoke My husband, he was wondering what was up. I said oh you know me, just crying over the ending of another book as I often do. It is sometimes the loss of the fantasy, loss of the world that I have found to escape into, but sometimes it is a deep feeling of connection. Of being touched deeply. The last couple I have read have done that for me.

I feel sad about so many illnesses and deaths in my midst. Another man died last night and his wife will be alone, missing him for the rest of her days. It is painful stuff to see, much less live. I cannot even think to imagine her pain. I listen and care for her, for the many that have been there in the last few months.

Tomorrow I am going to go and add on to the tattoo I have. I will post a photo when I am finished. I am going to do things that I want. I am tired of wondering and worrying what others may think and allowing these thoughts to control me. Life is to short to live like that. I want to spend the rest of my time here, no matter how long or short, being the fullest me I can be. Accomplishing and striving to accomplish…


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