Monthly Archives: November 2014

“Oh Christmas Tree”

When we moved into my dream house in Steamboat it was just 2 weeks before Christmas. We didn’t care, we were doing it up right. We decorated it all, even won second place in the exterior lighting that is judged for all of the houses around town. My daughters were 2 and 5 and I […]

Berry Heaven

When I moved to Oregon several years ago, I spent my first Summer outings going to pick all sorts of berries. There are kinds I have never even heard of. I am from Colorado, in the mountains, and we had a slim supply of berries there, and when they were available they cost a bundle. Here […]


I love the words to this song. It resonates with me. Life does not have to be easy. It is not easy. Today there seems to be a pill or a quick fix for all that ails us. But sometimes the tears bring the healing and growth that will make us into the person we […]

First Reveal

  This is my tattoo add on. I must say I am loving it, but the BIG reveal with be at church when the older ladies see it… Uh oh!! 🙂 m