“Oh Christmas Tree”

When we moved into my dream house in Steamboat it was just 2 weeks before Christmas. We didn’t care, we were doing it up right. We decorated it all, even won second place in the exterior lighting that is judged for all of the houses around town. My daughters were 2 and 5 and I was in charge of getting the tree up. Well, in my family of origin, my dad was the one who put up the tree and the lights. So I did not really have a lot of practice with it as I usually made my husband, Jim, do it too, then I decorate. But, he was busy so I figured I would get it done.

I put on 5 strings of lights all hooked together and turn it on… The middle row was out. Dammit!! So,I take them off up to that point and make sure they are working this time and re-string them… Another row out!! No way… Okay this time I just carefully remove the broken string and get another in there. Now none will come on. OH MY GOSH!!! By this time I am in a rampage… totally irritated and on a rant… I am going on and on about how I will NEVER have another tree that I need to put lights on again! I will not do it!!

That is when I hear a small voice across the room saying tearfully “Mom says we are not having Christmas again”. The poor kid. I had traumatized her my 5 year old, Morgan. I realized we needed to sit down and talk. I used the opportunity to tell Morgan and little Alexa about the reason for Christmas, and that no matter if we have a tree or presents or any of that stuff, that there will indeed be Christmas. Because it is Jesus birthday. It is not about the other stuff. So tree or no, yes… there would be Christmas, always.

By this point I had calmed down and we finished the decorations, but it had turned this lighting disaster into a great memory. I now own a pre-lit tree which is simple to turn on, i merely plug it in, and if it breaks, I buy a new one.


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