Monthly Archives: February 2015


Group was hard tonight. Out of the seven people in the room, five of us cried. Not that crying is bad, it just shows the difficult week we all had. I struggle with the knowledge that I feel like I am not really allowed to feel the grief I do. I feel as though it […]


The balance between tension caused from excitement, happiness, and joy is so hard to distinguish from the kind that is brought on by fear and anxiety. I am walking in the tension, discovery and movement in directions that are uncertain. It is both exciting and scary. I remain open. Open to the experience, to the […]

From hurt to healing.

My evening was filled with feelings. I attended the group I joined a couple of weeks ago again tonight. We start each week by by listening to a speaker, Tonight the speaker touched me greatly. He reminded me of the gratitude I have for my 25 plus years of sobriety and to reflect upon it […]

What is all the talk about?

I have been listening to the various conversations sparked by the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. The talk ranges from the BDSM community who dislike it for placing them in a false or negative light, to the conservative Christian community that thinks all the openness of the sexuality will bring us down […]

And so it goes…

I have attended two weeks of my grief group. It is seemingly just what I need. The group has 4 men and three women and I do believe the mix will be a good fit for me. Those attending are fairly diverse and they seem to want to grow. I am filled with excitement and […]


What are the dreams of a little girl, and where do they go when she grows up? As I read this question during my morning devotion it really made me think. The common dreams, or not so common actually, are very good ones. These are the dreams I had too. To fall in love and […]