What are the dreams of a little girl, and where do they go when she grows up? As I read this question during my morning devotion it really made me think. The common dreams, or not so common actually, are very good ones. These are the dreams I had too. To fall in love and marry your prince charming, to have babies, to do something you love, to change the world, and to live happily ever after. How many of these do I really get to experience? Well most of them actually, at least from time to time.

My prince charming is a man who loves me, who is not always perfect, but always stands by me. My body produce two lovely baby girls who are growing up to to have dreams of their own. I get to do things I love more than I do things I dislike. I change the world every day, in little ways, in big ways, in ways that I may never know. I am working on that one all the time. And as for the happily ever after. I am not sure if there really is such a thing, but I keep seeking and if it is not attainable, it will not be for my lack of trying to find it.

The journey is more complicated than I thought it was going to be. As I do more, attain more, learn and grow more, I want more!! I want to be more, feel more, and become more. That is sometimes so hard. I know many people that are just fine with whatever and wherever they are. It seems that they have it easier. They do not ask the questions of themselves that I ask of myself. I live in a state of seeking and questioning, my mind full of all the options and opportunities, those missed and those attained. It is busy in my brain.

The journey is never boring, and my dreams are still being realized. I understand now it does not happen by chance, it is all up to me.

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  1. Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the challenges.

    It was really informative. Your site is very helpful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

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