Monthly Archives: March 2015

Eyelash primer, really?

Right now I am obsessed with finding just the right eyelash primer. Yes, it is important, I tell myself as I read yet another web posting the best-selling eyelash primer of 2014. I read the reviews and am still undecided. So, I go to Ulta yet again, and buy another tube of eyelash primer, just […]

True Love

Can God really fill me up? Can He give me enough that I am made whole in ways that are at once profound and relevant. I believe He can. I have been through a journey of transformation for some time. Searching for what was missing and have found I was what it was. I have […]

Book Review: “Living Life Backwards”

Peter Wells’ book was a real find. I discovered Peter here at Word Press and his short stories touched me. He has a style that is a bit disarming. He writes things that leave me wishing life were kinder, or happier, or more…. complete. I almost always want to hear more. But it is a […]