Monthly Archives: May 2015

Looking Back

Sometimes I really want to write. I have things to say, but I struggle with where to start, and what to tell. Is it too much? Is it time to reveal more of me to others? I need to be in a place where I am not afraid of my own story, not fearful that […]

Beginning Again

I have returned from the speaker’s training I attended. I am tired and glad to be home, but I was filled with so many wonderful new thoughts and ideas while I was away. I want so many things in this life I have been gifted with. I want to have the opportunity to pass on […]

Adventure awaits?

I sit in anticipation of my upcoming adventure tomorrow. I leave for a speakers training conference. I will be gone for 4 days and I am filled with excitement, fear and sadness. I am totally stoked to go on the trip to learn a lot and get started with a journey into the world of […]