I have felt strangely silent. My voice quiet while my mind looks for things to fill it. As I sat with my therapist the other day, talking about recent events, I had the strangest session, I had nothing much to talk about. Searching for things to pull out of me, to dissect and analyze. I wonder if there are times when it is alright to be still. Not moving forward or back, just present right where you are. In a place of contentment, peace. I say I wonder if it is alright as it rarely, if ever, happens to me. Me, with my head brimming over, filled with a frenzy of thoughts and emotions. Looking for what it is that will right all the woes of the world and as a result all of mine. For now, it seems there are no woes in my life, and for that I will be grateful, I will let it be quiet for now, let my mind be still, resting in the place of contentment.


  1. Good evening Michele… I happened onto your site quite by accident and have found myself lingering in your words… in your thoughts… and have very much enjoyed my visit. I have always found many beautiful things lingering in the silence… in the stillness of the mind… my soul always searching for enlightenment. Your post has simply reminded me that I have not enjoyed the silence as often as I should and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with us…
    Hope your evening is most beautiful

    1. I really appreciate the kind words. Have a good evening.

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