Afternoon Delight? or Just a Shower?

The other day after a great workout at the gym my husband and I came home to shower. Now, the house was empty, which rarely happens, however I am not going to say if we took advantage of that fact or not. But after my shower I was drying off I heard Jim laughing out in the bedroom. My oldest daughter was pressing a note under our door as she had gotten home and did not know if we had heard her come in, so she wrote us this…

Dear mom and dad, please come downstairs fully clothed, I would hate to have to gouge out my eyes.

We opened the door and she was standing there laughing at us. We really did look as though we had just taken a shower, (I am not going to tell you if that is all we did… stop asking) so she was not too embarrassed. And we all laughed and I switched gears into mom mode.

It is always an adventure with children in the house trying to be a grown up adult couple. I think it is difficult trying to be a woman and a mother. It is a balancing act at the best of times but for those times when you really would like some alone time for just the two of you… Well that is another story. I used to watch couples on TV talk about this issue, and I would think that they were odd. That it could not be a big deal. But even when you are me, a very open and honest mom who talks with her girls about most anything. There are still things that are just not anyone’s business.

So how does a couple that is still in love and like to be alone together get away with it in a house of teenagers? Naps are nice, or maybe a shower after the gym? (Really, for the last time, I am not going to tell, so stop asking.) Or you just get a bedroom door that locks and have a standing rule that when the door is closed you leave us alone!! Except when they don’t… and you hear the light knock… the tap tap tap…. and you roll your eyes and quietly say “Yes? One second…” and you slip into something less comfortable and go to the door to be a mom one more time, and then you embrace all of who you are.

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