Submit or not to submit? That is the question.

Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them. Colossians 3:18-19

I can remember sitting in Bible class when this passage came up and I heard the collective gasp of hostility run through the women present. It was like the leader had brought up a dirty word, submit. Why would I, a woman, an equal to a man do any such thing? Well for one reason if you are a Christian wife, you do it because God tells you to. It is the classic parent’s answer, “because I said so”.

There are several reasons that being a submissive wife works. The first and foremost is that if you are married to a Godly man, it is an essential element for a successful marriage. Let me tell you why. Every ship needs a captain, every castle a king, and every marriage needs a spiritual leader. If you are both living in submission to God, He tells us, as couples, that it is the husband’s job to be that spiritual leader for his family. If the husband is actively following Jesus, you will be fortunate to have him to submit to. He won’t act to your detriment because he will love you as God tells him to. When he makes decisions, he will consider you first. This is all because his role model is Christ, the one who tells us that we love Him why? Because He first loved us.

So why do so many women have a problem being told to submit? I think it is because they have not considered the first rule when choosing a mate, to not be unequally yoked. Simply stated, this is just telling a person to marry someone who believes the same thing spiritually as they do. When a person is married to someone who does not live by the same core beliefs, chances are there will be challenges. It is a major cause of disillusion and marriages disintegrating into divorce.

There are of course wonderful, loving men who are non-Christians, and there are also men out there saying they follow Jesus that are completely false. Those are not the men I am talking about. I am speaking of those that walk what they talk. A man that you have chosen because as you have gotten to know him, he has proven himself to be faithful and genuine. When you have that, a man who is honest, faith filled, and to the best of his ability, living a life that is following Jesus, you have found a treasure worthy of your submission.


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