This year feels like it is not really Thanksgiving. Half of my family will be out of town. My daughter who is the vegetarian and on a perpetual “healthy eating” kick does not want to have a feast. So what does that mean for the holiday? A day off to put me totally behind and fill my Friday and weekend with stress. I think tomorrow I will end up working at home to get caught up to justify the “day off” and Friday still be loaded with too many things to do at the office by myself. Yes I am whining, but it feels good.

Actually it should be a time for me to look beyond the festivities of a “planned” holiday, to really be thankful. This is a practice that I want to take on whole heartedly every day. I actually like the down time of not having a full house and I am glad my husband gets to spend some time with his dad. Those chances are few and far between and must not be taken for granted. So, as he travels with my oldest daughter and the youngest and I try to get along for a couple days by ourselves, I will look to all the things for which I am grateful and remember that I have more than my share.


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