Book Review: “After I Do”

“After I Do”, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I loved this book so much I read it in about a day and a half. It was one of those reads that felt like the characters were people you knew, people you would like, and they sucked me in right away. I was happy with them, I was sad with them and I cried with them, a lot!  It is the story of a marriage that is broken, but they want to see if it is broken beyond repair, and they take you along that road of angst with them.

The writing was smart and witty and the characters talk to each other they way you would talk with your friends or family, plus you get to see what is going on behind the words through the lens of Lauren, the wife. There are a string of emails written by the husband, Ryan, and Lauren that are so good that I had to read them to my husband, and he sat willingly listening and I am pretty sure he thought they were good too. 🙂

This is a book well worth the read if you have ever had a struggle in your marriage and wondered if it was all worth it. It finds the answer in a very unconventional way, but it gives the characters freedom to be who they are and you love them for it. So if you are in the mood to have your heart hurt, and fill with joy and then hurt again… this is a good one for you. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster that I thought was so worth the ride.

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