Book Review “53 Letters for my Lover”

53 LettersThis was a tough read. filled with angst from page one almost to the end. It was one of those books that you can only take in small bites, but want to keep reading to see how it will all come out. I found tears rolling from my eyes over and over. I was having trouble reading it in public as I never knew when the when the crying would start.

I find books that make you want the lover to win over the husband hard to read. For several reasons, one, they offend me because of the issue of morality. We all know marriages break up, but on hopes hat the new relationship would wait until after the ending of the last one. Two, all of the lying that is involved is just hard to justify. I sit reading hoping they will not get caught, feeling terrible that they have to sneak around, and wanting it to last forever, knowing I should be rooting for the husband. Lastly, it just makes me hurt that the husband is clueless that it is over. He is just out in the cold, trying to do his best to stay afloat in the midst of his own storms.

So as I read along beating myself up for cheering for the “bad guy”. I cry and read and wish and hope for all the “wrong” things because, why? Well, because I believe in true love and desire and the hope that we will all have our happily ever after.

I guess that is why books are so great, you do not have to break the rules to live out a fantasy. You get to let the “bad guy” win and no one really gets hurt. So, if you want one of those outside the box romances that make you ache and feel and dream, this is a great book to give you all of that and stay within the boundaries in real life.

Happy reading.

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