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She Will Be Missed

Last week I lost a friend. I lost her to death. It is a sadness that is hard to explain as I know¬† she was such a strong believer in Jesus, and had been a widow for years. I know she was getting tired. Tired of trudging through each day wondering why she was still […]


Group was hard tonight. Out of the seven people in the room, five of us cried. Not that crying is bad, it just shows the difficult week we all had. I struggle with the knowledge that I feel like I am not really allowed to feel the grief I do. I feel as though it […]

From hurt to healing.

My evening was filled with feelings. I attended the group I joined a couple of weeks ago again tonight. We start each week by by listening to a speaker, Tonight the speaker touched me greatly. He reminded me of the gratitude I have for my 25 plus years of sobriety and to reflect upon it […]